WWE Ghostbusters Toys Are Totally a Thing Now

Well, this probably wasn’t a reboot fans were expecting. Announced earlier this year at Sony’s official Ghostbusters convention, a new Mattel toy line will merge Ghostbusters with four of the biggest-name pro-wrestlers of the ’90s, aughts, and teens. Yes, WWE Ghostbusters action figures are happening, and the toy giant unveiled them on Comic-Con’s preview night.

Shawn Michaels, like Peter Venkman, fancies himself just a sexy boy. Steve Austin, like Stantz, is the no-nonsense party boy. The Rock is the brains like Spengler, and John Cena would easily pull a Zeddemore, believing anything you say if there’s money in it.

Plus, you know if this bunch were asked to choose the form of Gozer the Destructor, they’d think of the Undertaker. And that’s his role here. Choose…and die! In awesome translucent purple, natch. No, Hornswoggle isn’t Slimer. But maybe if a series 2 happens, he could be.

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Is the world title slimy now? Does holding a championship result in ectoplasmic exposure? Who knows how well this storyline has been thought out. But it’s gonna take more than some slick finishing moves to put this Gozerian under a tombstone. We are, however, pretty sure all involved in this scenario ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

If you could choose a wrestling form for Gozer, who would it be? And whom would you pit against them? It’ll be your choice when these crazy mash-up figures hit stores. Both properties have crossed over with other figures before: WWE with Ninja Turtles, and Ghostbusters with Transformers, so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of shared universe that implies.

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