Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Sith Trooper Collectibles Are Coming to SDCC

Anyone on the lookout for new Star Wars merchandise at San Diego Comic-Con this year will be seeing red. Lots of it. just revealed the latest member of the First Order infantry, the Sith Trooper. They don’t share any details about what makes these red guys special, but rumor has it they’re Kylo Ren’s personal squad. But since neither Ren nor his mentor Snoke ever specifically identified as Sith, the name is interesting. A close look reveals several design elements from prior soldiers, like the face split from Episode III Clone Troopers, and the angular cheek panels of Death Troopers.

The first wave of Rise of Skywalker merchandise, available at the convention, will all feature the new crimson Stormtrooper. Hasbro has an advance Black Series figure complete with extra weapons for a price tag of $32.

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No to be outdone, Hot Toys has a 12-inch version for $230, which comes with everything you see below:

If you only have $15 to spare, there’s always Funko.

Other available merchandise will include backpacks, phone cases, Halloween costumes, T-shirts, hats, and…tiki mugs?

Until Force Friday later in the fall, this may be the only Rise of Skywalker merchandise officially for sale. And regardless of what this trooper’s role is, one thing seems assured: there will be many of him onscreen. So there’s nothing wrong with picking up several extras.

How many of the scarlet stormers will you be picking up? Tell us your army-building plans in the comments below.