Superhero Hype’s Best Collectible Deals For Amazon Prime Day

Do you want to decorate your house/office/living space with more statues and replicas? Amazon Prime Day is a good time to see what kinds of sweet deals are available. However, you should be aware that in the world of higher end superhero and fantasy collectibles, even a sweet deal may seem steep. Our suggestions below include many affordable items. But there are also a few where you will be paying a high price for the quality.

Diecast Hogwarts Express

Long before action figures existed, toy trains were the collectibles that grown adults played with in their basements or attics. The Noble Collection delivers pop-culture’s current most famous locomotive, complete with display base. It’s made of solid diecast metal in a 1:50 scale, so unlike the walls at Platform 9 3/4, nothing’s getting through this. It’s $99 for muggles everywhere.
There are plenty of Venom action figures, but the poseable toys never quite capture the glory of his grotesque mid-transformation. Diamond Select’s PVC diorama goes even further. Watch the symbiote come together over Eddie Brock in this sticky-looking statue. Then discuss among friends whether it’s pronounced “sim-BUY-oat” or “SIM-bee-oat.” It’s yours for $40.75.
Sideshow’s premium mixed-media Black Widow statue is just shy of two feet tall. It also depicts the comic book incarnation of Natasha Romanov with a gun she just used to blow a hole in Ultron’s head. Meanwhile, her other arm carries a larger-than-her-head weapon to make Rob Liefeld proud. For $649.99, only the big spenders can bring her home.
It’s a shame Ezra Miller’s DC movie contract seems ready to time out. Like Zachary Levi and Jason Momoa, he brought a sense of levity and wonder to a previously grim universe. But even if Justice League wasn’t what it should have been as a movie, we can always remember his enthusiastic Flash with collectibles like this one. It’s a pretty decent deal for $49.99.
Come for the classic color scheme and Spidey-pose. Stay for the fact that the crosswalk sign and the street lamp actually light up. It’s $135.96, and only 2,000 of these exist. So walk your fingers over and grab one while you can.
Who among us doesn’t want a full-scale Batman cowl? Next time a sore throat feels imminent, don the hood and scare people by rasping “Swear to me!” Actually, even for $395, you can’t do that here. It’s a fiberglass replica that can’t be worn. But guests and visitors don’t need to know that.
Ant Lucia’s alternate-universe World War II take on the Joker’s daughter looks ready for Mardi Gras. In New Orleans, everyone goes a little crazy… You can be too, if you pay $96.64 for this.
The Cenobites were supposed to be masters of pleasure and pain, but the movies only really emphasized the “pain” part. By giving Pinhead a sexy gender swap, Kotobukiya further helps us realize why some folks might actually seek out these interdimensional sensationalists. You don’t have to solve the puzzle box, but you will have to pay $107.
“How many tacos did you have today, Deadpool?”
“Et tu, Brute.”
For $79.37, you can render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to Deadpool the things that are Deadpool’s.
Oscar-winning makeup artist Rick Baker came up with his own version of the Joker, and it’s a terror. Incorporating a touch of Count Olaf and a clear sense of toxic venom in his veins, this life size Joker bust is no laughing matter. For $626.72, he’ll induce bad dreams and laugh all the while.
What will it cost? Everything. Well, $1,500. Hot Toys never does things cheap. But unlike the Soul Stone, you don’t have to kill a loved one to get it! This comes complete with light-up stones and a display stand, and it can also fit on most hands. It cannot, however, snap its fingers.
Hide pens, cookies, or anything else inside this metallic-painted resin Terminator head. It looks seamless, so nobody will suspect. Secretly, however, the face is held on with magnets and can be removed to get at the stash inside. It’s $619.99, so you may have to sell your soul to Skynet to cover it. Worth it, though.
What collectible deals have you spotted for Amazon Prime Day? Let us know in the comment section below!