Silent Sci-Fi Classic Metropolis Gets Star Wars-Style Action Figure for SDCC

Super7‘s retro-style ReAction figures, intended to look like Kenner toys of the early ’80s, can be somewhat hit or miss. Part of the appeal for the company is that they don’t have to secure actor likenesses. In many cases, those are unattainable, and as such, the sculpts don’t always look great. But for SDCC this year, they have a real winner in Metropolis‘ Maria the Robot.

Fritz Lang’s silent classic tells the story of class struggle in a gigantic city of the future, and an android created to lead the working class astray. It’s a movie that influenced everything from vintage Flash Gordon to modern day Batman, and Maria the robot was an unmistakable touchstone for Star Wars‘ C-3PO. Super7’s figure takes that lineage and runs with it, packaging Maria like a 1985 “Power of the Force” figure with collector coin. And for good measure, she has a vac-metal gold finish with one silver calf. Just like Anthony Daniels’ fussy protocol droid.

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Metropolis‘ relative vintage may mean the property lacks the name recognition to sell out immediately. So fans might actually have a chance to score one at Super7’s Comic-Con booth. We might also expect a few accidental sales to collectors who mistake her for Dot Matrix from Spaceballs. And that’s okay. Just don’t expect a virgin alarm.

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