Batman vs. TMNT Action Figure Sets Coming to Gamestop

If you loved this year’s Comic-Con exclusive Bat-Mikey figure based on the Batman vs. TMNT animated movie, we have good news. DC Collectibles is doing an entire line of two-packs, featuring all of the key characters. Many of these characters have had toys before, but these art-specific figures perfectly capture the film’s distinct style. Batman and Leonardo lead the line in September, along with Robin (Damian Wayne) and Raphael. Raph comes with his motorcycle helmet, and Robin has a removable hood.

Batgirl and Donatello will nerd it up in October, along with Donnie’s cool baseball helmet.

November brings Alfred, with his Superman coffee mug. He’s ready and able to scold Michelangelo for skateboarding in Wayne Manor, on the sweet wheels he comes with.

Finally, the villains will show up in time for Christmas. December brings shadows — an entire league of them, led by Ra’s al Ghul, and partnered with the Foot Clan. Shredder is ready to slash the superheroes alongside him.

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Why so spaced out? At $49.99 per set, it helps you save up to score them all. They’ll be available exclusively at GameStop, alongside NECA’s movie turtles.

We’d love to see the line continue with some of the mutated Bat-villains from the finale — who wouldn’t want a Joker-snake, or Batman as an actual bat, man? Presumably that might be considered if this first batch does well.

Do you find these Turtle boys and Bat-family to be most excellent, or bogus? Comment below and let us totally know.