Throwback Hulk Figure Is a Marvel Comic-Con Exclusive

Finally, Hasbro is giving us a look at the Marvel Comic-Con exclusive toys for this year. Their first reveal, which debuted at Yahoo, is a familiar not-so-jolly green giant. This throwback-style Hulk figure is an extension of the Marvel Comics 80th anniversary line. But it also continues the retro-packaging series which combines modern sculpts with card art that mimics early ’90s packaging.

Modern Marvel action figures really began after Toy Biz lost the Batman 1989 movie and DC superhero licenses. Picking up Marvel instead, they launched with a line of classic heroes, including Hulk in the first wave. That first Hulk came with a “metal” bar that he could bend using a lever in his back. Toy Biz CEO Avi Arad later became a Marvel executive (who still produces Sony Spider-Man movies), and the company folded after splitting with Marvel and losing the license to Hasbro.

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Hasbro in recent years has paid tribute to those first Toy Biz figures with packaging and artwork in their style. To do figures properly in scale nowadays, however, the company can’t just release a Hulk that’s the same size as every other character. He’s too big to package and sell at the same price, so releasing him as an exclusive makes sense. And he even includes an accessory to remind us of the old bendy bar.

Look for this throwback Hulk to run $34.99, which sounds more reasonable when you consider that figures this size usually require you to buy six others first to collect the pieces. Limited quantities are expected to go online after the show at Hasbro’s Pulse website. This new direct retail hub for the company will face its biggest test yet when it handles Comic-Con items for the first time.

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