NECA Announces Comic-Con Exclusive TMNT 1990 4-Pack With Shredder and Splinter

Last year, NECA basically won the Comic-Con exclusive bragging rights with a long-awaited four-pack of 7-inch scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Based on the 1990 live-action movie, they were scaled down versions of the company’s previous quarter-scale figures. They also happened to be the best Ninja Turtle figures in that scale ever made. Initially the rule was that NECA could only sell them at conventions, but months afterward, the company worked out a deal to sell the figures individually through Gamestop. And this year, they’ve upped the ante again with Foot Soldiers, Shredder and Splinter.

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We expected that the quarter-scale Shredder and Foot Soldiers might be shrunk down to this scale. But the addition of Splinter took everyone by surprise, since they haven’t made the movie version in any format before. And the Foot Clan weapons rack, seen last year as a quarter-scale prototype, makes its debut at this size. According to NECA, this does not necessarily mean we should expect a larger Splinter in the future.

“The Capture of Splinter” comes with everything you see above. Like last year’s set, the four-pack will cost $125 and be available to preorder during a mad online frenzy that NECA will do their best to manage fairly. Scalpers who attempt to order multiples under aliases will have their orders canceled.

It appears Splinter will have a cloth robe too. To make it easier for him to play skipping stones, no doubt.

This is the second major TMNT exclusive announced for this year’s SDCC. As previously reported, DC Collectibles will be offering an exclusive Michelangelo as Batman. And NECA is expected to reveal something about their Superman and Batman versus Aliens/Predator two packs soon. The company has confirmed that five more exclusives will be announced.

Should they just shut up and take your money now? Let us know in comments!