Spider-Man: Far From Home Marvel Legends Figures Swing Into Stores

This week, the  Spider-Man: Far From Home merchandise is hitting store shelves everywhere. So regardless of anything in Avengers: Endgame, you can enjoy web-slinging fun. Not that we know what happens, but people are expecting it to be sad. And Spider-Man always stays upbeat, even when he has every reason not to be. If you’re a toy collector looking to be similarly happy, we have good news. The Spider-Man: Far From Home Marvel Legends figures have been revealed! As per usual with this line, half the figures are comic-based. But they may offer some hints about what’s coming next in future media.

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Fishbowl-headed Mysterio in his movie attire stands out in the series, along with two versions of Spidey himself. Hydro-Man, though in the movie from what we’ve seen, oddly gets a comics-based figure instead. Molten Man, however, is the build-a-figure, and he reminds us of a Todd McFarlane style Putty Patrol soldier made of melting metal.

Scorpion, Spider-Woman, and Doppelganger are included, from the comics. The last one should have been expected, allowing Hasbro to re-use the six-armed Spidey mold as it does. Scorpion, of course, got strongly teased in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Spider-Woman reportedly features in the next animated Spider-flick. For more movie figures, a new Spider-Man and MJ two-pack (not pictured) can be obtained separately.

Each figure will run about $19.99, and all except red-and-black Spidey come with a  piece of Molten Man. Check out the whole series in our gallery below. And no, we don’t know where Nick Fury is. But you might still be able to find his Captain Marvel figure on toy shelves if you dig around a bit.

Let us know which one is your favorite in comments below.