Update: Green Hornet Pushed Back 5 Months

Seth Rogen’s movie based on the pulp and television hero The Green Hornet has been moved from its original date of July 7, 2010 to its new date of December 17, 2010, according to Box Office Mojo.

No reason for the move was given, but one can presume it’s to give the movie more time for post-production–principal photography hasn’t begun yet–and to get it away from Robert Rodriguez’s Predators relaunch.

Currently, Sony had set a Dec. 17, 2010 release date for the 3D Smurfs movie, which one assumes will be moved itself, since currently, it’s up against Warner Bros.’ animated Yogi Bear movie.

UPDATE: HitFix.com has gotten in touch with Seth Rogen for a reaction/explanation of the delay, and Rogen told them that he and his creative partners Evan Goldberg and director Michel Gondry are “relieved and psyched about the change” because it does give them more time to finish and promote the movie, including an appearance at next year’s Comic-Con.

Source: Box Office Mojo, HitFix.com