Len Wiseman Takes on Shrapnel

The Hollywood Reporter says that Len Wiseman will develop and direct a film adaptation of the graphic novel “Shrapnel” for Radical Pictures.

The graphic novel describes a sci-fi future where humans have colonized the solar system and formed a Solar Alliance to govern the planets. The story focuses on Venus, the last rebellious holdout, and a self-exiled former Marine who teaches the colonists how to fight back.

“I am really drawn to the reluctant-hero story,” said Wiseman, who noted that the last hero he directed–John McClane in Live Free or Die Hard–fit that archetypal mold.

Nick Sagan and Zombie Studios chief Mark Long created the property. Radical principal Barry Levine will produce with Wiseman and Mark Gordon. Long and Radical’s Jesse Berger will executive produce.

Being developed as a live-action film, a 3D approach is considered possible. A video game is planned with Zombie Studios.

Wiseman is attached to direct Motorcade at DreamWorks and also will helm the studio’s adaptation of the comic book Atlantis Rising for a summer 2011 release. Wiseman also plans to direct the video game adaptation Gears of War for Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. and is producing the original sci-fi action thriller Nonstop for DreamWorks.

You can watch the trailer for the “Shrapnel” graphic novel below:

Source: The Hollywood Reporter