Legendary Sets Feature Adaptation of AfterShock’s Party & Prey

In the wake of what’s being described as a “competitive situation,” Legendary has gained the rights to yet another AfterShock Media property. According to Deadline, the studio is developing a movie based on Party & Prey, the graphic novel released by Steve Orlando and artist Steve Foxe in 2021. Legendary has already hired Patrick Brice to direct the film, which features a screenplay by Rob Forman.

Orlando and Foxe’s story centered on Alan, a “wealthy, older gay man” who visits a nightclub in search of a much younger hookup. He seemingly finds this in Scott, a “confident and attractive” partygoer. But when they return to Alan’s sprawling mansion, both men discover that neither one is who he says he is. Alan is revealed to be a deranged sociopath responsible for the disappearances of countless young gay men; while Scott, on the other hand, is seeking revenge for the death of one of his friends.

Brice previously directed the 2014 horror film Creep along with its 2017 sequel, both of which he also appeared in. His latest movie, There’s Someone Inside Your House, premiered on Netflix last year. Meanwhile, Forman has written episodes of Army Wives and The CW’s iZombie. He is also one of the contributing writers Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 via Insomniac Games, which hits PlayStation 5 in 2023.

AfterShock and Legendary will produce Party & Prey with Lee Kramer, David Sigurani and Jon Kramer. Orlando and Foxe are also attached as executive producers, with Max Zupanovic acting as co-producer.

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“From our nightmares to reality, in the best way possible!” said Orlando in a statement. “Here we are at a moment with Party & Prey that we never expected, but couldn’t be more excited for! This has been a story that’s clawed its way to life from the start, first from out of both my mind and Foxes, but as well from those of Alex Sanchez, Juancho! and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. And, of course – AfterShock! I couldn’t be prouder of this book – its lens, its action, its horror, and its representation across the board. We created the comic we wished would be on the stands, and now I couldn’t be more honored and energized for the world to see it on the screen!”

Party & Prey is a tense thriller examining the youth standards that exist within and outside of the queer community,” said Sigurani, AfterShock’s EVP of Film & TV. “And we’re delighted to bring this excellent comic to the screen for all audiences with Patrick, Rob & Legendary.”

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