Leslie Bibb is Back for Iron Man 2

In an interview with the New York Post dating back a month, Leslie Bibb revealed that she’ll be back as reporter Christine Everhart in Iron Man 2. Here’s several clips:

PW: Do you tackle everything with that kind of intense dedication?

Leslie: Yeah, for example, my friend was talking about this amazing ice cream maker that he has and I was up all night surfing for it on the Internet. But then I realized I couldn’t buy it until I finished shooting “Iron Man” because I’d be too fat for my costumes.

PW: Ah, so Christine Everhart will be back in the sequel?

Leslie: Yes, she will! I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that though…

PW: Did you have anything to do with Sam signing on for the sequel [he plays Justin Hammer]?

Leslie: Yes, Sam owes me 5 percent, I’m his agent now! [laughs] No, Sam was in the mix to play Tony Stark in the original, he was on the short list and he’s known [director Jon] Favreau for a while. But Sam’s amazing, he doesn’t need any help from me to get jobs.

The full interview can be found here.

Source: Retroman