Exclusive: Bruce McDonald’s Yummy Fur Still in Works

The dark and eclectic humor found in Chester Brown’s indie comic “Yummy Fur” might not exactly be considered “superhero” fare, but Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald for a long time was rumored to be helming a movie based on the popular underground comic, so when ShockTillYouDrop.com got on the phone with McDonald to talk about his upcoming horror flick Pontypool, they asked if there was any progress on the adaptation.

“It’s one of those dream projects,” McDonald told them. “We’ve had the script done since like ’94 or something like that, so we’re just doing design work now and I’ve got a producer: Steve Hoban, who is a local guy. The script is by this guy Don McKellar (Last Night) whose worked with me before, and as we’ve kind of done different things, we start to get to know some of these people, who’ve become famous like Ellen Page is a desirable box office person, at least for the present. Maybe it’s her or somebody like her who decides, ‘Yeah, sure, I’ll be in ‘Yummy Fur'” and we’ll make the movie. So yeah, it’s still cookin’ and it’s still a little bit away.”

“For years, it was like, how to pull it off because it’s like pygmies that live in the sewer, a President with his head at the end of this glass penis, so technically how do we do it?” he continued. “The fact the technology has sort of has done what it’s done has allowed us to actually entertain the idea of now using certain techniques to kind of make it happen.”

Pontypool opens in New York and L.A. on May 29. You can read the full interview with McDonald over on ShockTillYouDrop.com.

Source: Edward Douglas