EXCL: Gondry Talks About The Green Hornet

Earlier today, ComingSoon.net/Superhero Hype! had a chance to talk to visionary director Michel Gondry about his new self-released DVD compilation “More Videos: Before and After DVD 1,” which you can buy tomorrow from Mssr. Gondry’s Official Site, which will launch sometime tomorrow. We talked about his process for coming up with some of the diverse music videos in the second collection, which include his reunion with Beck and Bjork, his music video (and jam session!) with Sir Paul McCartney, and lots and lots of great extras. We need a couple more days to finish that interview up, but just to whet your appetite, we want to share a few things he said about his next movie, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s update of pulp crimefighter The Green Hornet.

Gondry doesn’t have a lot to say about the project yet, since he joined it roughly six weeks ago, but he confirmed that it was going to be a true collaboration between Gondry, Rogen and Goldberg. “Seth and Evan, they are the writers, but they really listen to my ideas on the movie. I think the story is getting much better and better and I feel like I’m really a part of the process.”

We asked him whether the movie might have a similar tone as either of Rogen and Goldberg’s last two movies Superbad and Pineapple Express, to which he responded, “I think we’re all trying to be a little different than we were before on this project, just by interacting with each other and the producer Neil Moritz adds a different taste as well, so all that will create a new universe.”

Since Gondry is probably best known for the unique styles of animation he brings to both his films and music videos, we asked if we might see some of those animated visuals in the comic book movie. “No animation, maybe on the credits but I’m not sure,” he said.

Look for Gondry’s Official Site to be open for business tomorrow. For the time being, it will be the only place you can purchase his new DVD collection, “More Videos: Before and After DVD 1”, and then check back later this week for our full interview with Gondry with more details about that and other projects.

Source: Edward Douglas