More Casting for Wright’s Scott Pilgrim

The cast reveals for director Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World this week are not done yet.

Earlier this week, we learned that Kieran Culkin was cast as Wallace Wells, Pilgrim’s gay former roommate, while Aubrey Plaza will be playing Julie Powers, the obnoxious on-off-on-again girlfriend of Stephen Stills, lead singer and guitarist of Scott’s band, Sex Bob-omb.

They joined the previously-announced Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona V. Flowers in the Universal adventure comedy based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel. The story is about how Pilgrim has to defeat his girlfriend’s seven evil ex-boyfriends in order to win her heart.

Now, word has leaked to Ain’t It Cool News that Chris Evans (“Fantastic Four” movies, upcoming Push) will play skateboarder/movie star Lucas Lee, one of Ramona’s exes.

Ellen Wong has also signed on to play Knives Chau, a 17-year-old Chinese schoolgirl who stalks Pilgrim, but in a cute way.

Filming is scheduled to start in Toronto this March.

Source: Soup, Empire