Arcana Studios is Adapting Paradox

Canada-based production company Legacy Filmworks, production-finance group Bron Management and comic-book publisher and transmedia outfit Arcana Studios have teamed to produce a slate of five films based on Arcana’s comic titles, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The first will be the sci-fi thriller Paradox, which will star Kevin Sorbo and be directed by Brenton Spencer (“Stargate: Atlantis”). Sorbo plays a homicide cop on a parallel Earth ruled by magic who investigates a series of murders committed by a previously unseen means: the power of science. Christos Gage and Ruth Fletcher Gage wrote the screenplay based on Arcana’s three-issue limited series written by Christos Gage.

Legacy Filmworks’ Deboragh Gabler is producing Paradox and the rest of the slate, as is Bron Management’s Aaron Gilbert, who helped arrange independent financing. Arcana founder-publisher Sean O’Reilly is executive producing.

The slate’s other projects include Chopper, a thriller based on a Martin Shapiro comic that hopes to go before cameras next month, and Sundown, a Western vampire thriller, based on a Jay Busbee comic, which is scheduled for an April or May start. Future slate projects will be announced during the coming months.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter