SHH! EXCL: Frank Miller’s Update on 300 Spin-Off & Sin City 2

Earlier today, Superhero Hype! had a chance to sit down for fifteen minutes with the one and only Frank Miller, creator of “Sin City” and “300,” to talk about his upcoming movie based on Will Eisner’s The Spirit. While he had a lot to say about that highly anticipated project, the questions continue to loom over some of the other projects based on his works, including possible sequels for successful movies based on Sin City and 300.

With a lot of rumors swirling about a potential sequel or prequel to Zack Snyder’s 300, which was based on a standalone graphic novel, some have wondered how involved Miller would be, and if he might write or draw another graphic novel based on the subject matter as basis for another movie. “I’ve written a story that’s not a prequel,” he told us. “It’s definitely a further story in the Greco-Persian Wars, and it involves some of the same characters but I’m not sure exactly how far along it’ll get and again, until it’s on a marquee, I don’t believe in it.”

Last week, we spoke to actor Mickey Rourke about returning as Marv in Sin City 2, and he seemed kind of tentative about spending three hours putting on Marv’s make-up, but Miller shared, “He has a pretty big role. I hope Mickey plays it.”

And as far as whether Miller might co-direct with Robert Rodriguez again or direct himself, now that he has The Spirit under his belt: “I hope to work with Robert. We’re talking it over and trying to work out the mechanics of actually getting it made. It’s always tricky with movies. I believe that a movie’s going to come out as soon as I see its name on a marquee.”

“I’ll publish something,” he hinted with a smile, when asked whether there might be a “Sin City” or “300” comic or graphic novel out before either movie.

When we spoke to Miller a few years ago, he mentioned wanting to direct a movie based on his series of graphic novels he did with Dave (“Watchmen”) Gibbon starring Martha Washington, starting with “Give Me Liberty.” Since it’s been a few years, we were curious whether that’s something he’d still want to do and if he thought it would still work today. “I think Martha Washington is begging to happen,” he said when asked how the changing times might affect how people viewed that politically-tinged sci-fi story, especially considering how Zack Snyder intentionally set the forthcoming Watchmen in the ’80s. “The thing is that Martha Washington starts in 1995, but it really doesn’t kick off until about 2010.”

“It’s just a matter of finding the right venue, because Martha Washington isn’t a movie, it’s a series,” he continued. “It would have to be like 12 episodes to fit the whole story in. I would not let it be truncated.”

We’ll have a lot more from our interview with Miller sometime in the next few weeks before The Spirit opens on Thursday, December 25.

Source: Edward Douglas