Charles Burns Talks Black Hole Adaptation has an exclusive interview with artist Charles Burns, creator of the disturbing graphic novel “Black Hole,” talking about Fear(s) of the Dark, a French horror anthology film. In the interview, Burns was asked about the big screen Black Hole adaptation:

Shock: I was curious about the “Black Hole” movie that’s been in development for a long time. Is David Fincher definitely going to be directing the movie now?

Burns: He’s the one that’s attached to it at this point. So again, whatever that world is, I don’t know anything other than his name is attached to it.

Shock: How involved will you be in that movie considering that you are the original creator?

Burns: I made the decision when I signed the option that I didn’t try to negotiate and gain any control because ultimately I think it would’ve been a kind of frustrating process in that I just want to kind of move onto something else. I want to move onto another story.

Shock: Right, you’ve been working on “Black Hole” for over ten years.

Burns: Yeah, and I think that I could’ve tried to write the script, I could’ve tried to negotiate being involved more, so I think that there’s a possibility that I’d be involved, but I don’t know.

Shock: Do you think it’s possible to make a live action movie out of this?

Burns: Oh yeah, absolutely. I think the story lends itself very well to do in a live action movie. I think the story is good and that’s the most important part of any movie, so you’re hoping it gets put together in an interesting way. Initially, Alexandre Aja was the director that was attached to it, and he does great kind of seventies kind of horror, slasher movies which I think are perfectly fine, but I don’t know that it’s really appropriate for…

You can read the entire interview here.

Source: Edward Douglas,