Live From the Hancock Premiere!

As it has been doing for all of its recent releases, Columbia Pictures is streaming the premiere for Hancock live tonight and you can watch it using the below widget. The premiere starts at 6:30pm Pacific Time and the Live webcast will start running at 6pm. After the premiere ends, the widget will run a premiere wrap-up piece. Opening in theaters on Tuesday at 7pm, Hancock stars Will Smith, Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman.

In related news, the studio has launched a contest for Hancock to pay off a family’s home mortgage. Hancock’s Helping Hand Mortgage payoff contest was inspired by the film. Hancock is a misunderstood superhero who is encouraged to improve his public image when he meets a good-hearted public relations executive.

Columbia Pictures will pay off the mortgage debt of one deserving family, with a grand prize worth up to $360,000. To enter and find the official contest rules, log on to Entrants will write a 200 word essay explaining why they are deserving of the grand prize. The program runs through July 6.

Source: Columbia Pictures