Rogen and Goldberg on The Green Hornet

While no director has been announced, Sony’s Columbia Pictures has already set a release date for The Green Hornet. Hype! talked to Pineapple Express co-writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg about penning the comic book adaptation.

CS/SHH!: Seth, I take it that there’s no pot smoking in ‘The Green Hornet’ script?

Rogen: [laughs] We put the green in “The Green Hornet.” No. There isn’t at all actually.

CS/SHH!: That’s a very different kind of writing.

Rogen: No. It’s true.

CS/SHH!: What have you learned as a screenwriter tackling a project like that and what’s the progress of that script currently?

Rogen: We’re done with the script. It looks like they’re going to make it. We got a release date. June 25th, 2010. So mark your calendars if you’re really busy. It was actually helpful having made this movie, writing another kind of action movie. We learned exactly how specific you can or can’t be.

Goldberg: People have just been like, “Bullsh*t that Seth Rogen can do that” unless “Pineapple” comes out first.

Rogen: Yeah, exactly, and getting “The Green Hornet” writing job we showed them some scenes from “Pineapple” literally in the pitch for that. We were just like, “Look, we can write action scenes.”

CS/SHH!: Do you have to be more disciplined as a writer, writing something like that as compared to this?

Rogen: No, not necessarily. Luckily the MPAA decided that violence is fine. When you’re doing an action movie you can really have as much violence as you want. In writing “The Green Hornet” we haven’t hit many situations where were like, “You know what would make this scene better? If Kato said c**ksucker.” That hasn’t come up that many times. I mean, I’d say that action wise we’ve been able to do anything that we could’ve ever wanted.

CS/SHH!: Are you going to play the Green Hornet?

Rogen: Yeah, I will. Don’t say it like that. Soon we want to do a Green Hornet/Green Goblin crossover movie in 2012. “Green Squared,” yeah. “Green to the 2.”

CS/SHH!: What do you like about the Green Hornet character?

Rogen: To us it was just kind of this funny notion that when you say “The Green Hornet” to people, the first thing anyone says is, “Hey, Bruce Lee played Kato in that show.” We’ve always wanted to make this hero sidekick movie. That was always an unexplored area to us and for years we’ve actually been trying to write a movie that was about a hero and his sidekick and then when we heard that “The Green Hornet” movie was up for grabs we thought that could be the most perfect way to do this story because he is the only kind of hero who’s sidekick is actually more known than he is. We kind of thought that it would be a good way to tell this relationship story and just do a big crazy action movie basically.

Source: Scott Huver