More on the Possible 300 Follow-Up

Variety says that Legendary Pictures has confirmed last week’s reports that it is developing a 300 follow-up for Warner Bros. that Frank Miller is writing and Zack Snyder is intended to direct.

Miller is writing the graphic novel the project will be based upon, although at this point it’s not clear whether it will be a prequel or spin-off.

Snyder won’t officially commit until after he sees Miller’s take, but he’s definitely interested, says the trade.

Legendary, which also co-financed and produced Snyder’s Watchmen for Warners, considers the project a major priority.

“The vision of Frank Miller’s universe that Zack Snyder brought to the screen in ‘300’ is unlike anything ever seen before,” said Legendary’s Thomas Tull. “We want to be certain that the story originates with Frank and be as compelling as the first.”

Source: Variety