Updates From Gotham City

Some updates has come in for The Dark Knight‘s viral marketing campaign. First up is ‘Batman205’:

There is now a second Gotham Tonight on Comcast On Demand. This one features Bruce Wayne and gives us a glimpse of his new penthouse and what appears to be some specially filmed footage featuring Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart.

You can check out a clip here!

That WhySoSerious.com/LaughTilItHurts game? It leads to this link where, if you put the time marker on the 03:02:13:22, you’ll see a familiar face.

Another e-mail from Jim Gordon has gone out;

With the probe into money laundering operations of the Gotham mobs well underway, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and ask you all to keep your eyes open.

We all know that the mob can be quite ingenious when it comes to money laundering schemes. MCU must be just as ingenious in trying to root these schemes out.

Please, in your everyday life as well as your work on the job keep a lookout for anything out of the ordinary that may signal a money laundering scheme. Overheard conversations, suspicions of stores you frequent, etc. Everything is fodder for this critical investigation.

If you have any leads, tips, or information that can help the Major Crimes Unit crack this murky network of banks, businesses, and the people who run them, do not hesitate to contact me.

Oh, did we mention you can now buy tickets online? I think we did!

Source: Batman205, g_rob2