Updates From Licensing International Expo 2008

In a follow-up to Wednesday’s article on the displays at the Licensing International Expo 2008 in New York this week, scooper ‘Compi716’ sent us this note about the new RoboCop movie:

I was at the Licensing Show today, and I made sure to ask the MGM guy about ‘RoboCop.’ He said it is 100% going to be rated R, and, “It’s going to blow everyone away. They’ve offered it to some really great directors. I can’t say who, but wow.” Sounds interesting.

Meanwhile, MTV has posted the logos that Marvel Studios has on display here. Included are Iron Man II, Thor, The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers.

More photos of the G.I. Joe displays can also be found here.

Source: Compi716, Kanon