The Dark Knight Trailer Premieres

Warner Bros. Pictures debuted the new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight at the New York Comic-Con on Saturday. The trailer is expected to hit theaters in a couple of weeks, presumably with Iron Man, but the viral campaign might allows fans to see it earlier than that online. Stay tuned!

Speaking of, the viral marketing continued over the weekend with fans receiving a call from the Gotham Voters Survey. Here is ‘Revenant’:

Last night I received a phone call from the Gotham Voters Survey. Taking an opinion poll regarding Harvey Dent’s campaign for District Attorney. An automated service asked initially how warm my feelings were towards Harvey Dent, 0 being not warm at all and 9 being very warm. Then I was asked how important several factors are to my feelings towards him, such as if I learned he had the lowest prosecution rate of all Gotham’s assistant DAs, or if he had been treated from a psychiatric disorder, or if I learned he had a personal relationship with someone tied to organised crime, or if he had failed to file income tax reports. Then I was asked how warm my feeling were now for Mr Dent. Seems like someone at the Voters Survvey dept. is on the side of the Concerned Citizens For A Better Gotham.

Source: Superhero Hype!