Rose McGowan is Still Barbarella

Last August it was revealed that Rose McGowan was set to star in Robert Rodriguez’s Barbarella remake at Universal Pictures. But then rumors began over budget issues and that the studio didn’t want McGowan in the role.

Wrong, she tells MTV. “[The news that I was out] was really irritating because I know all the people over there and obviously it wasn’t true. It was very malicious and there was no proof. Oftentimes these things have basis in truth but this didn’t. I have contracts to prove it.”

She added that half of the sets have been built and the costumes are done. She’s “even got my spaceships. I’ve got part of a spaceship built for me!”

The hold up at the moment? The possible Screen Actors Guild strike in June.

Check out the full interview here, while more info on the film is available here.

Source: MTV