Update #7: Dark Knight Viral Campaign Heats Up for April Fools’

The envelope at ClownTravelAgency.com has opened (just click on it) to reveal another scavenger hunt, this time in locations around the world. ‘Alex’ wrote in this morning about one of the packages in London:

I contacted the Tavistock Hotel, but I was too late, however they gave me some info on the package. Someone collected it and inside was a bowling ball, and a nifty smart mobile phone. On the ball was a mobile phone number etched on it. He rang the number apaprently and was told they now knew who he was and to await further instructions.

In addition to the comments below, you can discuss this hunt further on the message boards here!

UPDATE #1: IBelieveinHarveyDent.com has been updated with more latest news items. Remember, Harvey Dent is supposed to be at a Townhall Meeting today (April 1st) at 3pm (we don’t know what time zone) at the Gotham Community Center #12, Gainley.

UPDATE #2: Fans have posted pictures of the package, including the bowling ball and phone, that they are picking up at the various locations in this thread.

UPDATE #3: Dark Knight viral marketing on “CSI”? Check this out!

UPDATE #4: Here’s an interesting bit. The bowling alley at 6327 Spencer Hwy in Pasadena, TX actually closed down. ‘Dave’ writes…

I talked to the owner who told me yes, a California company had rented the locker, and yes it had a ball and a cell phone in a bag, but no it was not there. When he told them he was closing, they took the bag away 2 days before the clowntravel site went active… but they still posted the address even when the bag wasn’t there! There were about 20 people there waiting.

We’ll have to wait and see how 42 Entertainment (the company running the viral campaign) handles this.

More addresses in cities are popping up on the hour, so stay tuned to ClownTravelAgency.com.

UPDATE #5: They’ve now stamped the Pasadena one, completing it so that people won’t keep going to that closed bowling alley.

UPDATE #6: All the stamps are complete and if you now visit ClownTravelAgency.com and open the envelope, the stamps will load and afterwards the page will burn up to reveal another note which says you should go to ACMESecuritySystems.com. It asks if you can disable a certain alarm system using the password “needle”.

UPDATE #7: At the new site, you’ll be able to leave your info. It will say “Please wait, don’t close your browser. Waiting for Authorization.” You’ll then get a call and you’re asked the password from above. Then Gordon will start to talk and he says you can either help him, or go to jail. After your call is completed, your page *should* (it doesn’t work for everyone), change to a red screen that says “Identity Captured.”

Source: Superhero Hype!