James Mangold to Direct Cyclops

Warner Bros. has acquired film rights to the Alexis Nolent graphic novel “Cyclops” and will develop it as a feature vehicle for director James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma), reports Variety.

Cathy Konrad will produce with Alexandra Milchan.

Set in the near future, the actioner concerns mercenary forces whose soldiers wear Cyclops-like cameras in their helmets and broadcast in real time to both central command and living rooms. One mercenary chosen to lead an elite squad begins to realize he isn’t fighting for freedom and justice as much as for commerce.

“It is an electrifying package you find in the best sci-fi: great action sequences combined with themes that are eminently foreseeable,” Mangold told the trade.

Said Konrad: “This is something that Warner Bros. wants to move very quickly on. We already have a shortlist of screenwriters and will be out to people in the next week.”

Source: Variety