EXCL: Sturgess on Spidey Musical, Fishburne on Silver Surfer

Most Americans first heard the name Jim Sturgess when he starred in Julie Taymor’s musical movie Across the Universe, based on the songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and when his director was doing interviews for that movie, she had expressed wanting to have Sturgess play Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Evan Rachel Wood as Mary Jane Watson in the new Broadway musical she is doing with Bono and The Edge.

When ComingSoon.net/Superhero Hype! had a chance to talk to Sturgess in Las Vegas for his new blackjack crime caper 21, we had to ask him if there was any word or developments about the musical and his involvement with it.

“I haven’t spoken to Julie about it but we did do a two-week workshop for it over in New York, and it was just a real chance to hang out with Julie again,” the British actor told us. “I love Julie, she’s like a mentor to me, and Evan’s just a great friend, and the three of us are just so bound by the experience we had doing ‘Across the Universe.’ It was a lot of fun. I was just playing music with Bono and Edge from U2, singing songs about Spider-Man. The project is definitely happening. Julie will definitely make this piece of theater. Whether I’ll be in it or not, I have no idea at this point.”

At the same series of interviews, we asked Sturgess’ co-star Laurence Fishburne if he heard anything about the proposed Silver Surfer prequel and whether he might once again provide the cosmic herald’s voice in it, to which he replied: “I’ve heard that they are going to make a ‘Silver Surfer’ movie and I hope and pray to my lucky stars that they ask me to come back and do the voice again, I’d love to.”

In the meantime, you can see Fishburne and the young actor, who Entertainment Weekly thought would make a great Superman in George Miller’s Justice League movie–can you imagine that? one actor playing both Superman AND Spider-Man?–when they star in the crime drama 21, which opens on March 28.

Source: Edward Douglas