The Spirit Visual Companion Coming

Titan Books has announced the following:

Will Eisner’s classic comic character makes the leap to the screen in this spectacular new live-action movie written and directed by Frank Miller (Sin City, 300), and starring Gabriel Macht as The Spirit, Samuel L Jackson as his arch-nemesis The Octopus, and Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johanssen as alluring femmes fatales.

Denny Colt aka The Spirit was introduced to the public in 1940 – an ordinary man who dons the blue mask and suit of The Spirit to tackle crime in his hometown, using nothing but his wits and his fists.

This stunning volume, with director’s commentary, contains interviews with the cast and the crew, color photos & production art, and hundreds of Frank Miller storyboards, plus the full screenplay and an exclusive Introduction by Frank Miller.

It’s coming in December. Stay tuned here.

Source: Titan Books