Stephen Chow Would do Green Hornet talked to Stephen Chow this morning and asked the Hong Kong action star if he would be interested in playing Kato in Seth Rogen’s upcoming The Green Hornet. Here’s a clip:

After explaining to Chow and his interpreter who Seth Rogen was—Chow may have been jetlagged or slightly confused, or just acting that way to avoid answering questions, but he knew who we were talking about when we said that Rogen played the police officer in Superbad. He seemed genuinely pleased that Rogen might think of him, though he hasn’t been approached, thinking that maybe Rogen doesn’t have his contact info. Chow then asked if we might have Rogen’s number, so he could get in touch, and offered to give us his number, so we could arrange a meeting.

Chow also talked a bit about producing the Dragonball movie. You can read the full article here.