Edward Norton on The Incredible Hulk

Edward Norton talked to Total Film magazine (via The Sun) and said there is no connection between upcoming The Incredible Hulk and 2003’s Hulk.

“First off it’s utterly unrelated to that film,” he told the magazine. “This is in no way a response to it or picking up from it. I think like Chris Nolan and those guys did with Batman, we just said: ‘We’re going to start completely with our own version of this myth or saga.'”

While he said “no” to the role a couple of times until he was able to rewrite the screenplay, Norton now says the story will likely span more than one film.

“To me the whole thing was to envision it in multiple parts,” he said. “We left a lot out on purpose. It’s definitely intended as chapter one.”

The Incredible Hulk opens in theaters on June 13.

Source: Advanced Dark