Aussie Government Denies Killing Justice League

Remember this and that the Hollywood trades said “the studio cited script issues as the one of the causes and the other is that the project needed tax breaks from shooting in Australia”?

That doesn’t appear to be the case. Variety reports:

The Oz government is looking for some justice.

Warner Bros. last week cited tax break complications as one reason for putting a hold on the Down Under shoot of “Justice League.” But Oz officials say that’s not the case, mate.

“We understand the postponement of filming is absolutely confined to creative issues and especially to delays in refining the script due to the writers’ strike,” says a spokeswoman for arts minister Peter Garrett.

We also asked the fans in the main page poll what they think the studio should do now and “Cancel the movie completely” is currently topping “Good move. Rewrite the script before moving forward.”

Source: Variety