Doug Jones on Hellboy II

IFMagazine chatted with Doug Jones about playing multiple characters (Abe Sapien, The Chamberlain, and Angel of Death) in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Here’s a clip on Abe :

You are going to get to know him on so many different levels this time. In the first movie he was lovely, but he was kind one-dimensional and was a helper and part of the team, but he helped push everyone else’s storyline forward. He’s got a storyline of his own this time, which is so full. I think as an audience you find yourself laughing and crying and shrieking and phewing as you watch Abe this time. This time he’s much more buddy buddy with the BPRD team, especially with Hellboy and the brother relationship is much more cemented. It’s funny too, Guillermo wrote such a funny script with some great beautiful moments. The action is superb and the humor is superb.

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Source: IFMagazine