Julie Benz on Punisher: War Zone

While promoting her new film Rambo, Julie Benz had quite a different look. She walked into the room as a brunette and she laughed and said it was for yet another project of hers — Punisher: War Zone.

The very giggly actress couldn’t give up much info about the flick, but she did tell us she plays a very different character than she does in Rambo.

“Her name is Angela Donatelli,” Benz said. “She’s an Italian from Brooklyn, New York. Unlike Sarah [in ‘Rambo’] who is very soft and vulnerable, Angela has got a little bit more of an edge. She’s more of a fighter. She’s a bit of a momma bear. She’s got a little child she’s protecting. She’s not really happy with anybody. She’s kind of in a bad mood.”

She also talked to us how different the shoot was compared to Rambo, which was filmed in the jungles of Thailand.

“There are some very emotionally intense moments [in ‘Punisher: War Zone’]. The conditions were different. There was a controlled environment and we were working mainly interiors. It didn’t have that quality to it. There was just something about you shooting in the jungle. There’s nothing like it and it just raised the intensity level of everything.”

Punisher: War Zone comes out on September 12.

Source: Heather Newgen