Mark Nau on The Incredible Hulk Game

Ripten has posted a new interview with Edge of Reality Creative Director Mark Nau in which he discusses the upcoming Incredible Hulk video game. Here’s a clip from the interview:

Alright, so people are going to see the movie and hear about the movie and they are going to get all pumped up and excited about how awesome and primal The Incredible Hulk is. And they will want to be The Incredible Hulk.

So, we break it down like that. What is awesome about being that guy? What variety of situations play to what is awesome about being him? And how can we fit in with the tone and themes of the movie, making a story that follows the movie and yet extends beyond?

So, #1: Hulk Smash. So a lot of effort toward making sure Hulk can smash, and that it’s fun to smash, and that if you think you can smash, it goes SMASH.

Hit the link above for the full interview!

Source: Advanced Dark, EmeraldBeast