Matthew Fox on Playing Racer X

Matthew Fox told Entertainment Weekly that, while he didn’t know anything about Speed Racer (he grew up without a TV!), he’s a big cartoon, comic book and anime fan.

“So when I found out that the Wachowskis were doing ‘Speed Racer’ and were interested in me for it, I immediately went on the Internet, and as soon as I saw Racer X, I was like, I think that looks like me. I kinda think I would be a good Racer X. [Laughs] So then I was like, Dammit, I’m going to win this role! I went and read for it, and then waited quite a while.”

Fox added that “Racer X is all about mystery. And it’s all about not just disguise of suit, but it’s disguise of voice — he’s, like, impenetrable.”

He said part of the fun was that he got to be a “badass” and work with the most insane stunt guys. “I’m proud I did it all. They didn’t double me. The stunt guys were like, ‘We think you can do everything. Do you want to do everything?’ ‘Damn right I want to do everything. I want to do everything to the point where you think it looks like crap. That’s when I need you to step in and help me out.’ [During] some of it I was just dying. I would do these fight sequences in this leather thing, and the amount of sweat was extraordinary. I was coming home ultra-dehydrated.”

Speed Racer opens in theaters on May 9.

Source: Entertainment Weekly