Audi CMO on the Iron Man Movie Tie-in

Brandweek talked to Audi CMO Scott Keogh about the company’s cars appearing in the Iron Man movie. Here’s the clip from the interview:

BW: What role will Audi play in the upcoming Iron Man movie?

SK: We have some dramatic scenes in the movie, which comes out in the spring. Robert Downey Jr., who plays the title Iron Man character, drives the R8 when he is the [secret identity] Tony Stark character. Gwyneth Paltrow, his secretary, drives an Audi A5. We did this deal because the car is not an accessory piece on the set. We have scenes where Audi absolutely fulfills the character and plays a role, especially the R8. [Downey] plays an entrepreneurial character who has fueled his industry on high tech, and we felt this is where the R8 belongs. The movie will give us even more opportunities for some above-the-line communication in Q1 and some greater events opportunities for the R8 and for Audi. It’s an adventure movie, which shows that what we want is not just for intellectual, in-the-know audience for our brand. We want America to know about us.

Iron Man kicks-off the summer season on May 2.

Source: Advanced Dark