Spider Man: Far From Home’s Zombie Iron Man Gets Collectible Statue

Marvel Zombies doesn’t seem like the sort of property Disney would urgently want to adapt. Rotting-flesh superheroes don’t really uphold the whole family-friendly image. So perhaps it could only happen in a Sony Marvel Studios film. In tribute to the living dead section of the Marvel Comics universe, Spider-Man: Far From Home director Jon Watts brought in Zombie Iron Man for a cameo…as a Mysterio-created illusion. And yes, technically this character officially bears the name of “Iron Man Illusion.” But face it — he’s a zombie.

Still, Disney does own Marvel, so some questions arose as to whether they would allow the reanimated corpse of Robert Downey Jr. to be merchandised. Looks like that question got its answer. Courtesy of Iron Studios (appropriately), Iron Man Illusion made his way into plastic via an 8-inch scale statue. Does that mean an action figure may come next? Not necessarily, but it likely means Hasbro could make one if they so chose.

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Surrounded by mysterious green mist and an attack drone/projector, Iron Man Illusion looks suitably menacing. But check out his lower legs. There, one can see the blue patches of pixillated body that give away this is a digital projection. Kinda spoils the scary zombie illusion, but adds another layer of sophistication to the sculpt. Based directly on movie materials, the statue is hand-painted. And runs around $200. If it catches on, maybe more of the skull-in-the-shellhead will manifest in other merchandising.

Take a look at more images in the gallery below. Then let us know what you’d like to see next in comments below that.

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