David Benioff Talks Wolverine

While screenwriter David Benioff hasn’t been on X-Men Origins: Wolverine for a while, he did give ComingSoon.net some interesting bits about the draft he turned about a year ago. Here’s a clip:

I don’t know what’s exactly in the present draft of the script, so I’m curious to see it when it gets made, but yes, I grew up a huge comic book fan. Where I grew up on Yorkville and 86th on the East End, there was a comic store called Action Comics on like 84th and 2nd, and I was there every week. Wolverine was always my favorite character, because at that time at least, most of the superheroes were still these square-jawed righteous do-gooders, and then along comes this cigar-chomping, hard-drinking rowdy little Canadian guy and I just loved him from the beginning. It was the one comic book adaptation that I always wanted to do, and I really went after it. I went into Marvel and just really pursued it aggressively.

You can read the full interview here!

Source: ComingSoon.net