UPDATE: Avengers Movie Not Likely?

UPDATE: Looks like that is not what Joe Quesada meant to say. We just received the following from MTV: “Due to a misinterpretation, there was an error in our reporting for the Avengers story. Quesada was stating that the chances of a Marvel Team-Up movie were “pretty astronomical,” not the chances of an “Avengers” film. We’ve since corrected the report. Our sincerest apologies.”

MTV talked to Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, who says that a movie based on The Avengers is not likely to happen:

While agreeing that a Marvel’s Team-up movie would be exciting, Quesada was quick to add that the chances of that actually happening were pretty astronomical. And while he wouldn’t shed any detailed insight into its feasibility, he did offer up his own dream roster for an Avengers big-budget flick.

The Avengers was still listed on the just-released updated slate for Marvel. Zak Penn was hired in 2006 by Marvel to write a script for the pic.

Source: He-Man