Superman’s Return to Krypton Sequence in Sequel?

Scooper ‘Retroman’ pointed out a great interview with concept illustrator Ben Procter at XSI Base in which he talks about the possibility of the cut return to Krypton scene being in the sequel. Here’s a clip:

Sadly, much of my work on Superman Returns never ended up in the final film, because at the last minute a big introductory sequence where Superman returns to the shattered remains of Krypton was dropped to help keep down the running time. But at any rate, I worked on a variety of elements for this lost sequence, including the destroyed planet itself and both the exterior and interior of a large crystalline ship which has carried Supes from earth. The interior was fully built and photographed as a translucent, glowing set which I’ve only seen in one photograph in the Art of Superman Returns book. Bryan Singer’s group has made noises about including the lost sequence in a sequel film, and I sure hope they do that so I can see how it turned out! Also cut from the release was a scene where teenage Clark Kent discovers the hidden remnants of the Kryptonian space pod which brought him to earth as an infant. I modelled the pod in 3D, once again working within a crystalline, alien style of construction.

Check out the full interview Source: Retroman