DC Previews an Epic Showdown in Superman vs. Lobo #1

In less than a week, the last sons of Krypton and Czarnia will once again collide in DC Black Label’s Superman vs. Lobo miniseries. And to give readers an idea of what to expect, DC has released several interior pages from the debut issue. You can preview the series’ first installment in the gallery below.

Although Clark Kent/Superman appears, Lobo is nowhere to be found in this latest preview (unless you count Phillip Tan’s variant cover). But it does feature a few members of the Man of Steel’s supporting cast, including his Daily Planet colleagues. Martian Manhunter also shows up to warn Clark about a looming interstellar threat.

The new miniseries comes from co-writers Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie, who are collaborating with artist Mirka Andolfo. According to Seeley, Superman vs. Lobo will completely deconstruct what fans think they know about the title characters.

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“My initial inspiration was the idea that some people think Superman is kinda uncool while Lobo is somehow cool, even though he’s a totally awful guy,” said Seeley. “I reached out to my Superman vs. Lobo co-writer Sarah Beattie asking her about why Lobo is ‘hot,’ and I think we inadvertently did more therapy work than we intended.”

“Yeah, I hate it when you talk about Lobo’s ass for 20 minutes straight,” added Beattie. “You need help.”

Seeley went on to tease appearances by several other familiar characters from the headliners’ orbits.

“Sarah and I have crafted a dark buddy comedy and the laughs will fly,” continued Seeley. “But it’s also going to make you think, and I’m pretty sure it’ll make ya weep at bit at least once. Also, there are going to be some epic cameos from across both Superman and Lobo’s histories.”

Superman vs. Lobo #1 hits comic shops on August 24.

Are you looking forward to reading the series’ first issue next week? Let us know in the comments down below!

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