New Incredible Hulk Set Photos!

Scooper ‘Duane R. Swift’ sent us more photos from The Incredible Hulk street on Yonge Street in Toronto and wrote…

I decided to take a quick subway ride from work and visit the HULK set. Most of the pics you see have been shown in the past few days, but here’s my take on things. You wouldn’t believe the lighting equipment, cranes, etc. that are parked on the side streets. As I walked down Yonge Street, it was obviously arranged to look like Harlem- the Apollo theatre, a Harlem Mission; even the garbage cans were set up with a “Set Dressing” note on each of the piles/cans. Pretty intense. I got right up within touching distance of the torched bus that was parked in a taped off lot filled with NYPD cruisers and NYC cabs and assorted crushed cars.

‘Kevin’ and ‘Odin’ also pointed us to this link where you can find some more great shots of the set!

Source: Superhero Hype!