Sony Plans Big Spider-Man 3 DVD Promos

Video Business reports that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and its promotional partners will spin one of the industry’s largest marketing webs for the Oct. 30 release of Spider-Man 3 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Here’s a bit from the article:

The studio said it expects to generate 8.5 billion impressions through its own advertising and tie-ins with Papa John’s pizza (a $3 coupon on 10 million pizza boxes and TV, radio print and online ads); Pringles Potato Crisps ($5 mail-in rebate promoted on 3 million packages); Jolly Time Pop Corn ($10 rebate promoted on 3 million packages and in print ads); and Nutella (Spidey collectible in more than 1 million jars, supported by print ads).

You can read much more on this here!

Source: Video Business