UPDATE: Iron Man Teaser Flying Not in Movie?

UPDATE: Jon Favreau says on his MySpace group that the flying scenes from the teaser are indeed in the movie:

It’s in the movie. It’s true that the shots were rushed for Comic Con, but the F-22 dogfight has been in the works for over a year and was the furthest along of the film’s set pieces. That’s how we were able to get it on the screen nearly a year before the premiere.

Here is the original story:

Variety has published a bit of a weird story regarding the Iron Man teaser trailer. It goes like this:

Paramount grounds ‘Iron Man’

Superhero flies in trailer but won’t in film

The trailer for Paramount’s May tentpole “Iron Man” debuted last week, generating buzz among superhero fans.

The trailer features a generous helping of Robert Downey Jr. as sardonic arms dealer turned armored-warrior Tony Stark, glimpses of his armor and an impressive sequence where Iron Man flies, outracing fighter jets.

The sequence had to generate buzz, since that’s the only reason it exists. It won’t be in the movie. In fact, it wasn’t even made for the movie.

A spokesman for Industrial Light & Magic confirms that the flying Iron Man shots are not “finals” (completed, delivered visual effects) and were only made for the film’s Comic-Con promo reel.

It sounds to us like Variety is jumping to conclusions on this one. Sure, it might be right that the flying scenes seen in the teaser won’t be in the film, but the subtitle “Superhero flies in trailer but won’t in film” is probably incorrect. Even the ILM spokesman says the shots are not “finals,” meaning the completed shots might still make the film. We’ll check with Paramount on this one…

Source: Variety, Namor