EXCL: Terrence Howard on Iron Man

Superhero Hype! parent site ComingSoon.net got a chance to talk exclusively to Terrence Howard about his two new films, The Hunting Party and The Brave One. He was also asked about starring in Iron Man. Here are several clips:

CS: I got to see the footage at Comic-Con a few times and I have to ask because it got me curious… did we actually see a glimpse of War Machine there for a second? Are they going to already start playing up that aspect of your character?

Howard: Ummmm… (chuckles and thinks about how to respond) War Machine is a very intricate aspect of the future franchise of this thing, but this movie is centered more around the creation of Tony Stark turning into Iron Man.

CS: That seems logical, but the fact they’re bringing James Rhodes into the story so much earlier than they ever did in the comics, I was curious whether his future incarnation might be hinted at or it would all be saved for the sequels?

Howard: Yeah, we start getting into it. We start getting into it.

There’s more, which you can read here!

Source: ComingSoon.net