Sony Eyeing Summer 2010 for James Bond 23?

In an article on the scheduling of summer tentpoles for the next three years, Variety speculates that Sony Pictures will try to grab a date for the 23rd James Bond film even before production starts on the 22nd later this year:

While director Marc Forster is just now working with writers on the next Bond film for 2008, there’s a 2010 date for the one after that.

That 2010 Bond pic exemplifies the latest trend. Many studios, with dates lined up for ’09 and the year after that, have set marketing and merchandising plans in motion and have started talks with visual effects houses. In many cases, the only thing they lack are a director, stars, script or even a story outline.

The article also talks about the scheduling of Sony’s Green Hornet for the summer of ’09 and a possible Spider-Man 4 for the following summer.

Source: Variety