Aaron Eckhart Keeps Mum on Two-Face

At the press conference for his new movie No Reservations, actor Aaron Eckhart had been debriefed well by Warner Bros. to keep mum on the role that a lot of the fanboys in the audience wanted to hear more about, that being Harvey Dent AKA Two-Face in the upcoming sequel The Dark Knight, so sadly, there isn’t much to report.

“There’s people here who will put poison darts into me if I talk about Harvey,” he joked when Superhero Hype! tried the subtle approach to find out whether he’d be playing him more like the nice guy in No Reservations or the edgy jerks he’s played in other movies. “We’re not here to talk about Batman. There’s a whole year to do that.” (Guess we know which side of Eckhart showed up for the press conference that day.)

“I feel that one is completely separate from the other,” he replied when asked more directly about the part. “I don’t feel like I have to do what Tommy Lee Jones did. I don’t even consider that, it’s not even something that bothers me.”

Later that day, Eckhart talked exclusively with Dark Horizon‘s Paul Fischer and confirmed that he would indeed be appearing as Two-Face in the movie and not just Harvey Dent.

The Dark Knight is scheduled to open on July 18, 2008 and No Reservations opens on July 27. Check ComingSoon.net for more with Eckhart and his co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones next week

Source: Edward Douglas, Dark Horizons