The Dark Knight Set Report

Scooper ‘Patrick Bateman’ wrote in with the latest from the Chicago set of The Dark Knight. Spoilers ahead!

Hey guys, I live in the suburbs outside of Chicago and I decided to check out the filming last night due to that awesome detailed scoop. Anyway, I made it downtown and found TDK filming. I came away with some really exciting information, but was not allowed to take any pictures. They were filming a chase scene involving garbage trucks and GPD, but more interestingly apparently they’ve been working on this chase scene for about 25 days and are saying that it will outdo the 15 minute highway scene in the Matrix Reloaded. Well, that’s all I got last night, I’m going back tonight to because they are apparently blowing up a fire truck and/or dumping a car in the river. I’ll try harder to get pictures this time.

Source: Patrick Bateman