The Dark Knight Set Report

Scooper ‘slider_alt’ checked in with word on what was filmed for The Dark Knight on Friday night (Spoilers ahead!):

Hi, I was near The Dark Knight set last night and saw a few things and received some information from one of the Police Officers who was allowed to get on the actual set, which was the parking garage at Randolph and Wells. First off, I saw director Christopher Nolan leaving a trailer in a parking area, which is also a parking area used for “The Color Purple” stage play. I also saw production crew rolling carts, one of which had two dummies resembling human beings clothed in dressy attire that looked like suits. Not long after, I saw another person roll a cart that had what looked to be a dummy of a dog. Later on that night, I saw two real dogs being taken through the doors which lead to the set. The kind police officer who was allowed into the parking garage said that they were filming the rest of the scene that appeared on your site a few days ago that involved the Scarecrow. I don’t think Cillian Murphy was there though. She said that some gang (not sure whose exactly) was using dogs to attack Batman. From sitting outside of the parking garage, I could hear loud attack barking and a few times I even heard extremely loud yelling. The yelling sounded like that of Christian Bale. I’m pretty sure it had to be him and believe me, it sounded cool! I can imagine this scene looking really exciting, and not being just some regular wimpy dog attack. This part was no doubt being filmed over and over, and maybe even rehearsed a few times, because I could hear it going on in the parking garbage for at least a few hours. During this filming, I also saw multiple fake Batmans leaving trailers in “The Color Purple” parking area and being escorted by a female crew member. They had no cowl on, you could just see a black free-flowing garment covering them up and some of them wore black hoods to cover their faces. Later on the female police officer informed me that one of those men with the hoods was Bale. She even showed me and my family how to spot him by pointing out to us where his driver parked. I hope you find this information helpful. If my cheap disposable camera pictures came out clearly and I get them developed in time, maybe I can send a few pics.

Source: slider_alt